Volition (Confidence)

Imagine that you are a world famous singer about to perform for a stadium filled with tens of thousands of people. Does that thought scare you, or motivate you? To be the best singer you can be, you MUST have confidence! You need to know that from the very moment you decide to perform for others, that you are the best entertainer for that audience. It will serve you greatly to create the right atmosphere in your mind in order to eliminate nervousness. Stress can tighten your vocal chords making it difficult to sing, and a lack of confidence can and will flatten your tone.

So straighten up! Take a deep breath and be the best singer you can be. There are 5 concepts that are quite simple when you look at them one by one; The first and most important concept is Volition. This is the attitude and thought process that a singer has before performing. Mental preparation has a lot to do with the way we sing. When a singer is in a good mood and remembers to follow the simultaneous 5 steps that it takes to sing, their voice is sure to sound full of life and enthusiasm! On the contrary, if that same singer has bad thoughts in their mind and is not paying attention to either of the 5 steps that it takes to sing then there is a great chance that the singer will not be able to sing with much skill or enthusiasm.

Volition or “Confidence” is the first thing for a singer to consider when they prepare to perform. It is even important when practicing alone or rehearsing with a group. Things to remember before you begin singing; * Imagine yourself performing at your best * Hear yourself singing with the voice and intensity that you want to have * Visualize the lyrics you will sing in your mind and let them reflect in your stage performance * Breathe in through the first vowel of every lyric that you will sing