5 Vocal Solutions

Within the sections are short lessons covering each of the 5 solutions being Confidence, Breathing, Vocalization, Amplification, and Pronunciation. I designed this course to offer you freedom in your vocal journey. Maybe today you only want to focus on breathing. Well take each section’s lesson about breathing. I encourage you to take each section in it’s entirety as well as finding a path that suits your singing needs. You may be saying, “How in the world do I know my needs?” Don’t worry! Each section covers the 5 solutions you need to create beautiful sounds through your voice to help you achieve your goal!

Volition (Confidence)

Imagine that you are a world famous singer about to perform for a stadium filled with tens of thousands of people. Does that thought scare you, or motivate you?

Actuation (Breathing)

Breathing gives us life! That is why it is so important when singing.

When you allow deep and deliberate breaths to support your tone, you will be more successful at singing in tune. Believe it or not, breathing also prepares us mentally for our singing challenge.

Vibration (Onset)

Vibration/Onset consistency determines the tone quality that we will produce when we begin to make a sound. When you whisper in a quiet room you are relaxing the vibration faculties in your voice. When you try to talk while lifting something heavy, you are then tightening the vibration faculties in your voice.

Amplification (Resonation)

Amplification or Resonation is the boost of strength, support, and volume in every sound we make. Vocal ‘resonation’ can be thought of as vocal ‘acoustics’. Amplification is about how we create and enhance our vocal sound so that it can be heard clearly by our audience.

Pronunciation (Articulation)

The fifth and final simple solution to singing that we will talk about is Pronunciation. We use our mouths to speak and sing lyrics, but more importantly to communicate with one another. It is this special ability that makes our voices unique to listener’s ears compared to other instruments played during a performance.