Each section focuses on one of the 5 vocal solutions that I believe yields the highest and best results in creating beautiful sounds. Within the sections are short lessons covering each of the 5 solutions being Confidence, Breathing, Vocalization, Amplification, and Pronunciation. I designed this course to offer you freedom in your vocal journey. Maybe today you only want to focus on breathing. Well, take each section’s lesson about breathing. I encourage you to take each section in its entirety as well as finding a path that suits your singing needs.

You may be saying, “How in the world do I know my needs?” Don’t worry! Each section covers the 5 solutions you need to create beautiful sounds through your voice to help you achieve your goal! In today’s high paced world and your busy schedule, I am thrilled that you chose to spend a little time with us creating sounds. At the end of each section, you will be able to use the tools learned therein to sing more confidently immediately because we bring you results, never confusion, only Moore Vocal Solutions.

You’ve just taken the first and most important step to becoming the singer you have always dreamed you could be. When I started singing seriously, it was only a matter of time before I realized that any and everyone could sing if they followed 5 simple steps I learned. I also understood that every singer including myself had their difficulties when singing. But with these 5 steps, I have continuously helped students and peers break through these difficulties in singing.

Before I started to take singing seriously, I hadn’t sung for about 3-4 years because I overheard two young ladies discussing their opinions about my voice. As soon as I heard the words, “he can’t sing”, I was broken until I got myself around a healthy singing environment of people to encourage, thus my passion for wanting to help you. It wasn’t until I started university when I learned to “get through the breaks”, “controlling my breath and pitch”, “singing without tension”, and many other hurdles learned through my performance and learning experience. It was when I started to study with Sunny Wilkinson that I was pointed in the right direction to the knowledge learning tools from vocal pedagogs like Clifton Ware, which I want to share with you.

This knowledge that I am speaking of has shifted my way of thinking about singing from the proper “sustained speech over a broad range of connected notes, using dynamics and a mode of interpretation”, to “the act of making sophisticated sounds.” whether the sound is long, short, high, low, or anything in between, it’s a sophisticated sound that was developed from practice and remade beautifully otherwise by pure habit. Since I have adopted this belief about singing, I have rid myself of all unwanted “breaks” that I used to have, and almost all sounds of transition from my chestnut my head voice.

With the tools and knowledge that I have gathered through the years, I have been able to support myself financially with my voice by way of voice instruction and performing regularly. With these same tools, I believe that you can achieve whatever level of success you desire through your vocal performance. Welcome to Ashton’s Singing Cafe’ and Moore Vocal Solutions.