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Ashton’s Singing Cafe is designed for the singer on the go! Each lesson focuses on important aspects of physical vocal production. By mixing and matching lessons working the part of your voice you would like to focus on, you can create the perfect voice lesson that’s right for you!

In today’s high paced world and your busy schedule, I am thrilled that you chose to spend a little time with us creating sounds. Please take a minute to watch a sample of how I help my students gain confidence in themselves for a lesson.

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Each section focuses on one of my 5 vocal solutions that I believe yields the highest and best results in creating beautiful sounds.

…the attitude and thought process that a singer has before singing their first note.

This point is all about making sure that you have good breath support before you begin singing.

When we speak of vibration, we are talking about the type and quality of sounds that we make when we begin to sing.

…the way we create and enhance our vocal sound so that it can be heard clearly by the listener.

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Ashton’s Singing Cafe’ Vocal Course

Ashton’s Singing Cafe’ Vocal Course is aimed at singers who aim to perform while improve their singing skills. The course is open to singers from all popular genres of music. By the end of the course, each student will have achieved a higher professional level of singing and performing ability, and will be the primary goal of this course.

Questions & Answers

Q. Why do people take voice lessons?

A. Learning to use your voice is a very important step in fulfilling your desire to express yourself more completely. Whether you want to sing your favorite songs in the shower or become world famous singer, learning to improve and eventually master your instrument is very
important. Though I personally believe that everyone has the ability to sing, there is indeed an incorrect way to sing that could lead to vocal problems and injury to your vocal cords in the long run. To avoid such problems and become the best singer you can be, it is a good idea to seek voice lessons from a professional vocal instructor!

Q. What is the difference between “voice lessons” and “singing lessons"?

A. They both essentially have the same meaning on the surface but in actual practice, a “voice lesson” focuses on your vocal technique while a “singing lesson” tends focus on improving a song’s performance. Furthermore, vocal lessons tend to improve a singer’s breathing and warmup techniques whereby a “singing lesson” would aim to improve the overall performance and delivery of a song. Ultimately, it is up to the instructor to improve the student’s overall confidence and vocal ability whether the student came for a “voice”, or “singing” lesson!

Q. What should I look for in a good vocal instructor/coach?

A. Your selected instructor/coach should first be able to meet you where you are vocally no matter how novice or advanced you are. I say this because I have had countless vocal instructors tell me, “You don’t need voice lessons…” Being met with this opposition time and again has led me to not only become a teacher myself, but a teacher to less experienced aspiring singers. Teaching a person thirsting for knowledge is quite invigorating, and is like a reverse voice lesson in practice because students expect their instructors to fix their personal vocal issues quickly. Even if it feels like an exchange of information during the lesson and less like a teacher/student experience, a “good” vocal instructor/coach should always be able to share their experience with an aspiring singer whether they be novice, or professional!

Q. Should I take voice lessons if I wasn’t born with the talent to sing?

A. Of course! If indeed you feel that way about yourself then you should rest assured that voice lessons are for you. My first vocal teacher Sunny Wilkinson told me that she felt she wasn’t a “born singer.” However, that did not stop her from seeking the information she wanted and going on to be a studio singer for the NBC television network in Los Angeles. It was her thirst for knowledge and hard work that allowed her to make singing her profession, and eventually my professor at Michigan State University. If you have the desire to sing and perform, you owe it to yourself to get up and do your best. If we are supposed to dance like no one is watching, then you should sing like no one is listening… then get voice lessons so you’d eventually be okay with people listening.


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Read testimonials from just a few of my many happy students from across Japan and the World.

"I’m happy to tell you that I got into the University in Cambridge with your help with my songs. I’m really happy it worked well. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lovely time studying Musical Theatre, so I’m really excited."
Eleanor Thornley
"Thanks Ashton! I couldn't have done this without you! Your the reason why I was able to go on that stage and sing! Thank you so much for your support and your help! Hopefully, you will always be my vocal teacher!"
Haruhi Kobayashi
"Hi Ashton, Thanks for your email. I was meant to email you after his lesson on Tuesday. Liam came home very excited and more confident, so a huge success!"
Natasha Waide
"Hi Ashton, I wanted to let you know that it all worked out back in November. I sung the Ave Maria and it went very well - everybody was impressed, at least they said so! Thank you very much for your help - it definitely helped me get on top of those high notes."
Janneke Wolken
"Thanks for checking up on me and for the breathing tips 😉 It really worked! A friend of mine thought when I was singing Inseparable, that it was a recording! LOL!! I received a lot of compliments and the bride was happy!"
Andrea Radden-Hunter
"You may be surprised to hear that I have been performing and auditioning for various things. Music has helped me so much in my life and I am so grateful that I had you as my first teacher. It feels so good to finally feel like everything I've been working towards is starting to slowly come to fruitation. Thanks for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself!"
Nicole Lowe
"Ashton's class is fun, relaxed and friendly. If you're shy and worried about learning songs among strangers, you will be surprised how much fun you will have in this class. Duration feels short but you will not feel like wasting time at all. I learned some simple but very useful things.. because they're so simple it's easy to remember that I can always use them by myself in the future."
Kaori Hilton

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