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Opened Mind Pt. 1!

  I must say that I felt embarrassed to be so ignorant in public throughout out my trip to KL last week. I had to put my arm around a guy’s neck at ‘No Black Tie’ in order to make him sit down and stop interrupting the show…a first for sure! So, about the dingbat […]
by ashton / September 7, 2012 /In Latest News

International Players

Having chosen a profession where I’ve accepted that at times it may be a complete gamble for my livelihood, I am glad to be what I like to refer to as an ‘International Player.’ As many of my fellow musicians from back home know very well, playing music internationally is one of the best feelings […]
by ashton / August 20, 2012 /In Latest News

Things that make you say “Oh Well….!”

Can you remember the first time you heard or read about Murphy’s Law? Well when  I heard about it I didn’t think it made any sense at all….Then I became a performing musician! Just to be clear out front, it is a blessing in it’s highest form to be able to work and live as […]
by ashton / August 19, 2012 /In Uncategorized

Everyday I’m…..!

Years ago I was watching a Cypress Hill interview and the host asked them how they got so good at songwriting. They replied, “Anything you do everyday, you’re gonna get better at it” and it stuck in my head ever since I heard it. Now I find myself playing the piano and singing most nights […]
by ashton / August 17, 2012 /In Latest News

Brazilian Week at The Palace Hotel

Since the top of the year, I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill my resolution thus far by having more of my live performances happen at actual venues instead of playing the background all the time. This week has proven to be further evidence of a granted wish as Rivonne and I will be performing at […]
by ashton / August 14, 2012 /In Latest News