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Vocal Philanthropy

No matter how many voice lessons I have given, I still feel lucky to be giving away free information. Since I love to teach people how to sing, it gives me great pleasure to be able to provide singing lessons in a relaxed environment. Come out September 15th for some fun while we exercise our […]
by ashton / September 1, 2013 /In Latest News

Ashton’s Singing Cafe September 15th at What The Dickens

Come join a two-hour group lesson to build your confidence through singing. If you like to sing and want to become comfortable enough to perform in front of an audience of your peers, join us September 15th at “What The Dickens” in Ebisu at 15:00. The performance starts at 17:00. Encourage your friends to attend […]
by admin / September 1, 2013 /In Latest News