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I read in a book by Brian Tracy that if you think with a “Back from the Future” frame of mind, you can have everything you desire. I can say for sure that I have witnessed that energy as I finally settle back into the flow of Tokyo time from Paris. It was only a […]
by ashton / October 15, 2012 /In Latest News

Natsuko The Great!!!

I have always believed Zig Ziglar when he said in my ear, “You can get as much as whatever you want, as long as you help enough others get what they want.” Our ‘good’ ideas are more than our ‘one self’ can undertake, if it’s a good idea right? Thinking big and all ¬†takes some […]
by ashton / September 30, 2012 /In Latest News

Opened Mind Pt. 2 (Meeting the Beautiful)

  In hindsight, you could say that I was lucky to have that interesting fella walk up and disrupt the show because as I stepped off stage to ignore him, I ended up singing to a table full of lovely people who were celebrating a birthday. Unanticipated, I conversed with these beautiful people for two […]
by ashton / September 8, 2012 /In Latest News

Welcome to Ashton Moore

Welcome to the site. There is a bit here for you to spend time on if you like singing or want to become a better singer- music, lyrics, photos and face to face interaction. There are links to artists’ sites whose work I respect and with whom I have worked. Of course, though, I hope […]
by admin / March 2, 2011 /In Latest News