I read in a book by Brian Tracy that if you think with a “Back from the Future” frame of mind, you can have everything you desire. I can say for sure that I have witnessed that energy as I finally settle back into the flow of Tokyo time from Paris. It was only a 7 hour difference but if you don’t have time to sleep around for a few days to catch back up, you have to follow the sun the best way you can while working into the late evening.

My visit to Paris was made to sing two duets with my father. At a vow renewing at Bon Secours of Paris, my father and I sang duet versions of “The Lord’s Prayer”, and J.S. Bach and Charles Gounod’s version of “Ave Maria.” Though it has been about 4 years since I  have sang anything in the classical style, I did alright 🙂

The people in Paris were both beautiful, and interesting in a lot of ways. Speaking in terms of the gig I went to Paris for, The sisters of the church were very warm and their church had an excellent sound that allowed us to sing acoustically, being able to be heard throughout the church. On a different note, My father and I wore suits at 10am on a Saturday morning and it took about 8-10 cabs to pass us before one actually let us in to get to the church. We really had to catch one at a red light before he decided to let us in the taxi. I thought it was kind of interesting myself  because my wife had no problem flagging a taxi to her attention… go figure!

Anyway, the gig went smoothly and I actually surprised myself by actually pulling off the tunes effectively after having been a jazz singer for all these years. I have the video of the songs we sang so you can see for yourself how it went. Click here for the videos.

Here’s to seeing the world and everything it has to offer us…!

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