Natsuko The Great!!!

I have always believed Zig Ziglar when he said in my ear, “You can get as much as whatever you want, as long as you help enough others get what they want.”

Our ‘good’ ideas are more than our ‘one self’ can undertake, if it’s a good idea right? Thinking big and all  takes some seeking out for our dreams to come true, in my opinion. That is why I am grateful to have been walking one crazy college night at Michigan State University to find the artwork of Natsuko Gomi displaying a picture of a young Japanese girl that looked like a printer sketched it…because Nat’s that dope you dig!

Recently, years later of course, Nat and I have been working on cartoon sketched that I developed that will help children from Year 2, to High school, to grasp the thought and skill of singing easier. Natsuko and I met in Mita last week and embellished some sketches drawn by my wife Rivonne to start the “Land of Ooh Bla Dee” which teaches any, and everybody willing to learn how to sing.

I am working to revolutionize the way children learn how to sing as soloists by showing them techniques that adults learn in a lay, pictured setting. With these settings, my students will grow to look at their teachers and demand more of them because they will know more than just the basics of singing with the help of the work of Natsuko and myself. Nat has a gift from our maker that I am  much more than grateful to have noticed and be a part of. I only hope that you will be a part f our development and success as well.

Stay tooned everybody! Here’s a pic of when she got her spirit back:

Buddy the Birdie

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