The album “Downtown” was inspired by Ashton Moore‘s favorite movie, “Stormy Weather” which featured jazz music in the light of a great time. Great times when music was savior and ‘of course’. Many of our families are still in existence because of the musical influences on human nature, which inspired this album. The social, party, after-party, and dancing bodies are the special situations that this album hopes to reinstate in jazz music as a cultural expectation.

Feel the combination of a singer from Detroit that grew up simultaneously learning gospel, R&B, and classical music on a weekly basis from school and home. Ashton Moore very proudly presents a party jazz demonstration for your enjoyment!


Track List:

1. It’s Gonna Be Live 1:33
2. Downtown 4:19
3. So What 4:55
4. Stardust 2:56
5. A Night in Tunisia 6:51
6. Cognac Weather (Intro) 2:09
7. I’m Coming Over 4:56
8. Mary & Brandy 6:11
9. I Love That Gyrl 4:30
10. Cognac Weather (Outro) 1:50

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