International Players

Having chosen a profession where I’ve accepted that at times it may be a complete gamble for my livelihood, I am glad to be what I like to refer to as an ‘International Player.’

As many of my fellow musicians from back home know very well, playing music internationally is one of the best feelings and experiences in the world. Noticing the way other cultures accept your own music’s culture, and hard work over the years for their enjoyment is an overwhelming experience.

This coming Friday and Saturday at ‘No Black Tie’ in Kuala Lumpur, I will have the distinct pleasure of playing with the Patrick Terbrack Quartet as a featured artist performing music with lyrics written by jazz lyricists such as Eddie Jefferson and John Hendricks. I will also be doing arrangements of compositions written by John Lennon, Leon Russell, as well as works of my own.

The overall vibe of the evening will be what I like to call “The golden time of day,” as Frankie Beverly would say. As most Motown enthusiasts know, the Funk Brothers we’re composed of jazz musicians Berry Gordy found from around town to play the music so needless to say, I like to think of what I sing as “weekday music that I’m not afraid to play on Sunday morning”; in short, I’m a jazz singer who embraces my R&B and jazz roots from Detroit, and love to incorporate both styles into my performance no matter where I am in the world.

Thinking about one of our fellow International Players, John Nam just left KL also playing with Patrick Terbrack. I’m sure he laid his music down for the audience’s enjoyment therefore, I will do my best to do the same this weekend.

Here’s to letting the music speak on your behalf…!


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