Everyday I’m…..!

Years ago I was watching a Cypress Hill interview and the host asked them how they got so good at songwriting. They replied, “Anything you do everyday, you’re gonna get better at it” and it stuck in my head ever since I heard it. Now I find myself playing the piano and singing most nights of the week trying to figure out if I’ve gotten better or not because of course being my own worst critic, it still sounds like shyt to me 🙂 Otherwise, everyday I can see that people are actually applauding after I finish tunes and sometimes even leaving tips for playing requests no matter how long it took me to find the chords online to use reading from my iPhone. Quick note; no one applauded for the first entire two weeks I did this gig and, I purposefully did not invite any of my own friends because I didn’t want to make them the only ones who had to act like they were enjoying themselves….Just tellin’ it like it was 😉

But back to getting better in every way, playing keys everyday was definitely my New Year’s Resolution and I’m glad that it, as well as having more of my own shows to invite people to have come to fruition. It’s really easy to do gigs as background music but there will always be a tinge in your spine that makes you feel like whether it was you or not, guests would’ve had the same evening unless the other singer/musician just flat-out sucked. But when you’re there all exposed, you feel a responsibility to first, not suck and second, be a blessing to every ear your music falls upon.

So whatever you choose to do everyday, make sure it’s something that makes you a better person/musician because doing a specific activity everyday, and getting better at it doesn’t always mean that it’s a productive thing to engage in everyday….think about that one!

Here’s to getting better everyday in every way!

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