Brazilian Week at The Palace Hotel

Since the top of the year, I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill my resolution thus far by having more of my live performances happen at actual venues instead of playing the background all the time.

This week has proven to be further evidence of a granted wish as Rivonne and I will be performing at the Palace Hotel in Otemachi until Saturday. The admission is free and the good time will be priceless for all who’ll join. When you come to Otemachi station, go to exit C13 and it’ll bring you right to us. Rivonne performs until Thursday this week starting from 8pm, and I’ll be there Friday and Saturday from 8:30pm.

I, as well as the leader of the band Greg McKenzie take special pride in giving each stage 100%. There at The Palace Lounge the staff will present various summer cocktails while we perform live Bossa Nova & Classic Jazz.

I hope to see you there!

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