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Ashton’s Singing Cafe at Studio Noah Ginza – May 10th and 24th

May 10th and 24th at Studio Noah Ginza, I will teach a group lesson called “Ashton’s Singing Cafe’.” Come to this vocal lesson and learn: 1. Confidence building exercises 2. Proper pronunciation suited best for your voice 3. How to use your instrument to make beautiful sounds In each bilingual lesson you will learn how […]
by admin / May 1, 2015 /In Latest News

Ashton Moore w/ The Wrecking Crew Orchestra

Male Vocalist Ashton Moore w/ The Wrecking Crew Orchestra / レッキンクルーオーケストラ. 来週、4月3日(金)より始まる「DOOODLIN’」 9回にわたる公演の内、4月4日(土)、5日(日)の2日間がSOLD OUTになりました! 他の日程もドンドンとチケットが少なくなっています! みなさんお求めはお早めに!!!!
by admin / April 4, 2015 /In Latest News